Ryan Gosling Appears to Brush Off Simu Liu During Awkward ‘Barbie’ Red Carpet Moment Going Viral

This Ken would like his buddies to keep their hands to themselves!

In a now-viral video, fellow Kens, Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu, share an awkward moment while posing for pictures during the Barbie press run. The video was captured on June 28, during the Toronto press day — which took place ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike that began July 14.

In the clip, Gosling and Liu stand next to each other for photos. When Liu places his arm behind Gosling, the actor looks down at his hand and takes a step back, causing Liu to drop his hands. The two actors quickly exchange words before they continue to pose for pics. 

Fans called out the moment, with one user sharing the video and writing, “Oh, I’d literally never show my face again.” 

Neither Gosling nor Liu have spoken out about the clip. 

Following the stop in Canada, the men continued to show off their Kenergy for the remainder of the press tour for the film — directed by Greta Gerwig — and even appeared together at the Los Angeles premiere at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles on July 9. 

During the premiere, Gosling channeled the iconic doll in an all-pink suit. The 42-year-old also honored the other leading lady in his life, partner Eva Mendes, with a gold “E” necklace. 

Ryan Gosling Appears to Brush Off Simu Liu During Awkward 'Barbie' Red Carpet Moment Going Viral
Mathew Tsang/Getty Images

“I just like pink now,” Gosling told ET about his look for the evening. The star also dished about the film’s director, Gerwig, and its titular star, Margot Robbie, bringing the movie to life.

“I think it’s all been incredible, everything, the whole way. Margot has produced this film and built this film, structured the process, created the environment for all of us,” Gosling shared, before gesturing at the elaborate premiere — which included a pink carpet, a Barbie dream car, and a general sense of fun and whimsy. “I mean, this is an indication of what it was like to shoot [the movie].”

“She created this, she’s made it come true in every way, and it’s brilliant,” he added.

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