Social Media is Changing the Beauty Industry

How is Social Media (Re)Shaping the Beauty Industry?

The emergence of social media has changed the way brands communicate with consumers. Instead of advertising on billboards and via posters, they can now appeal to you when you’re at home, on the subway, or basically anywhere. 

With the rise of smartphones, we’re always connected to social media. This is great for beauty consumers, as brands on social media can update you on the latest trends as they emerge. For anyone that likes to be fashion-forward, this is a significant bonus. Like most people interested in these products, we follow a lot of beauty brands on these apps since they’re constantly posting creative content and showing us tips and tricks. 

These brands are also embracing the social media shopping experience. Instead of logging onto their website, you can now purchase products on the  platforms you use most. Shopping on social media not only saves time but makes life easier for prospective customers. A great example of this is Instagram’s new shopping features, which offer a seamless shopping experience, enabling you to pick the beauty products you want straight from a brand’s feed!

Brands also have a better platform to engage with their consumers now. This has led to the creation of items that fans actually want. Whether it’s niche skincare products or eyeshadow in a specific shade, brands can chat to customers and get real-time reviews on their ranges. Connecting with their consumers also enables the company in question to develop its own personality, a crucial technique used when crafting a brand identity. 

What Are Some Negative Effects of Social Media on Beauty Standards?

Exciting changes are happening on the beauty side of social media, that much is clear. However, some unsavory impacts are occurring as well. This primarily encompasses various adverse effects of social media on beauty standards. For example, the majority of brands and influencers post heavily edited content. While this looks great, it’s an illusion and doesn’t align with the results the product in question can actually deliver, which can negatively affect the customer experience. In addition, constant exposure to edited photos can take a toll on our mental health. Models with airbrushed skin and perfect features can weigh heavy on our minds, especially when looking in the mirror and not at Photoshop.

This links to the pressure to look a certain way. Often, we see body and face trends appearing on social media. These trends can be as harmless and subtle as a specific eyeliner shape, but they can also be as extreme as a particular body type. We all have unique bodies, which make us uniquely beautiful, but these trends can pressure us to look a certain way.

Are There Statistics on Social Media Beauty Standards?

Let’s get into the numbers! 

Did you know that today consumers are 41% more likely to find new products and brands via social media adverts? In addition, they are also 47% more likely to find these new launches on the brands’ social media pages. 

These statistics illustrate how broad the reach of social media beauty brands really is. While all these platforms began as new ways for us to contact friends and share our stories, it’s now become an online marketplace and the primary focus of advertisements. 

Going online isn’t a bad thing, though! The increased presence of beauty brands on social media allows us to get creative with our looks and connect with others that have the same interests. As long as you’re mindful about your usage, beauty on social media can be a good thing. 

How Does Social Media Affect Our Perception of Beauty?

We’ve all scrolled through social media before, but how many of us are willing to admit that it sometimes gets us down? Though these platforms can theoretically  improve connections, 82% of women also believe it’s altered their perception of beauty.

This is a considerable percentage, but are we really all that shocked? For the first time in history, we have access to apps that change our appearance, so it’s no wonder that beauty standards are changing as well. Like fashion trends, these go in and out of style. From different hair colours to different face shapes, there’s always a new fad we “should be adopting.” On the surface, this is harmless fun, but these trends need to be taken with a pinch of salt. 

It’s easy to get caught up in social media, but don’t believe everything you see. People aren’t supposed to look photoshopped in real life, and often, those “no makeup” selfies are fibbing. Therefore, ensure you apply a critical eye to your feed. Many beauty brands are making money off the platform, so of course, their models look perfect.

Some counter-movements are appearing on these apps, though. For example, the “body positivity” movement includes users showing their real and unedited bodies. There are similar posts for unfiltered skin, indicating that it’s perfectly normal to get acne now and then. 

While we don’t think social media is a bad thing, if you start to realize you’re feeling down or making frequent comparisons with others, it might be time for a break! It can be helpful to talk to a trusted friend or family member if you’re feeling pressured or upset by social media beauty standards. 

How Can Beautifi Help?

The presence of beauty brands on social media is a good thing, so long as you self-moderate and don’t become steered by the latest trends. Be yourself! Brands love their customers and even those who haven’t shopped with them yet. These platforms have more space for them to interact with and understand their fans, it’s easier than ever to buy products, and you can try out new trends for fun or to freshen your look.

We love following our favourite brands on these platforms as we’re constantly inspired by their creative posts. If you feel the impact of beauty’s adverse effects on social media, you don’t have to face it alone.

We’re happy to help you here at Beautifi, offering informed and rational recommendations on how best to look and feel your very best. We’re happy to help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin! Get in touch with us today for assistance, or fill out your application today regarding coverage for any procedures you deem essential.