The International Robot Exhibition 2017

With already 500 companies reserving to 2000 Exhibiting booths, IREX 2017 is again back this year to showcase the latest Robots in Japan.

35 universities and institutes will be exhibiting latest robots and technologies and also look to tie- up with commercial Companies .

Superhuman Sports Corner,Robot Experience Corner,The 7th Robot Award Exhibiting Corner are organized to attract individual visitors.

International Robotics Forum for High School Students 2017, High school students from Japan and overseas will be presenting on latest robots in Japan.

Robot Pioneer Forum Open Seminar , Invited business leaders from Japan and other countries to share the information of robot business in the world. AI Robot Forum 2017, Panelists to exchange opinions regarding the future to live together for both AI and Singularity from different points of view.

Forum of Robot leads to Local Revitalization, Panel discussion and Live Music is expected to be performed with theme of Robots to be implemented by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Local revitalization by robot utilization.

Robot Summit 2017 ,NEDO Robot Forum ,Universal Future Society Promotion Forum ,Robot Forum of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology , Robots for All  and Forum of Agricultural Robot will have specialized zones.

Prominent guests, who specialize in technical development of disaster response robot will also be introducing advanced technology and discuss about practical application on robot and their thoughts about further development.

In addition ; Guest experts who are active in the front lines of robot business will be presenting their actions and future prospects.  Demonstration of service robot, Infrastructure maintenance management by robot and prospects about next–generation robots is expected to be seen in the EXPO hall.

Venture businesses with guests who are working on the front line, toward market introduction and reviewing, robot’s domestic market prediction can also be gained from seminars that are being planned as part of the Expo.

Of all the industrial and other plenty of robots- Robot journalist , receptionist, musician is all set to welcome Global Companies and Visitors.

About Junko Nirmala
Junko Nirmala is a Tokyo resident with 17 years of Professional experience in Technology and business consulting services. Her diverse background includes Advisory assignments completed for 70 plus Japanese companies on Globalization, Founder of startup company in Green Technology, conducting Training and seminars for Global Workforce in Japan and so on. Currently she is involved in Promoting Japan Robots Industry. She has authored 3 books and consistently writes for newspapers and magazines in Japan.